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Why You Should Become a SAFe Program Consultant

Studies show that only 21% of companies use project management systems to carry out their large-scale projects. Failing to use any kind of project system reduces the chances of missing deadlines and going over the budget. Today, a career in project management is considered to be lucrative because of the growing number of companies that invest in large scale projects. Companies have realized the benefits of implementing both Agile and SAFe when completing a large scale project. Using SAFe as a project management system is important if you want to stick to your budget and beat the deadlines. SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework, and it helps in scaling the agile principles and methodology. The implementation of SAFe also assists in ensuring that there is no breakdown between the multiple teams working on the large-scale project.

In a large-scale project, there are usually multiple teams working together to achieve a common objective using Agile or Scaled Agile Community. Effective communication and coordination among the teams is important as a way of eliminating delays and cost overruns. SAFe helps in scaling up Agile that the team intends to use in completing the project. Effective communication among the different teams taking part in the project means that you will get remarkable results. The primary role of a SAFe program consultant is to lead the organization to make sure that it fully transforms into Lean or Agile. Additionally, you will offer training to the teams to understand Agile or Lean better. Since many companies have large-scale projects going on and most of them understand the benefits of using project management systems such as Agile, becoming a SAFe Program consultant is a good idea. Below, you will discover the benefits of pursuing a SAFe Program consultant career and why you should join the Scaled Agile Community.

First and foremost, you will have a deeper understanding of Agile. Knowing the principles and methodologies of Agile means that you will see the need to join the Scaled Agile Community. As a project manager, you can forget some of the principles of Agile after using it every day. Certification as SPC ensures that you revisit the core methodologies and Principles of Agile. Besides, you will know how to perfectly implement Agile in project management. An SAFe program consultant is qualified to be a trainer in the field. If you choose to become a trainer, you can join Scaled Agile Community or establish your own training organizations.

Becoming a SAFe Program consultant is a good idea because of the high earnings and demand for the services. As there are many companies using Agile to complete their projects, you will have a chance to lead because of the certification. The certification gives you a chance to join Scaled Agile Community, which has over 600,000 members. As an agile project manager, you should consider SAFe certification because of the above-discussed reasons.

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