about islam

Don't let them decide your fate
لا تجعلهم يقررون مصيرك

hear the voice of reading the Qur’an  You will feel the worries are gone, try, you will not lose anything

Readings of the Qur’an change with many voices, every sound takes you to the elevation of the soul

My brother and sister, do not let them deceive you, for you were created and there is hell fire and paradise, you are a person with a mind and you should give an opportunity to watch these videos and also read about Islam, is it a true religion of the Creator of the universe
Did you know that your mind surpasses all computers? God did not deposit it in you for nothing, but rather to know that there is a great Creator who sent a seal of prophets and he is Muhammad after the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him
Man needs children to help him when he grows old, but the Great Creator does not need a son because he does not need anyone
Save yourself today so you don't regret tomorrow

اخي وأختي لا تجعلهم يخدعوك فأنت خلقت وهناك نار جهنم وجنة فأنت انسان لك عقل ويجب أن تعطي فرصة لمشاهدة هذه الفيديوهات وأيضا تقرأ عن الاسلام هل هو دين حق من خالق الكون 
 هل تعلم أن عقلك يفوق جميع الكمبيوترات  لم يودعه الله فيك هباء وانما لتعلم أن هناك خالق عظيم أرسل خاتم انبياء وهو محمد بعد نبي عيسى عليه السلام
 الانسان يحتاج الى أولاد حتى يعاونوه لما يكبر في السن أما الخالق العظيم لا يحتاج الى ابن لأنه لا يحتاج الى أحد 
 أنجي نفسك اليوم حتى لا تندم غدا